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The FUTURE Of Swimming Pool LED Lighting is Here!

  • Available in 120 volt and 12 volt models
  • 400 Watt equivalent lighting
  • COMPATIBILITY: Pool Light Fixtures
  • Pentair® Amerlite® 784 Series and Hayward® Astrolite™ SP058 Series
  • Aqua Brite™ SUB SEAL™ 100% Silicone gasket included with every LED bulb.
  • Pool light gasket only fits Pentair® Amerlite® 784 Series lens.

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Why should You use Aqua Brite™ LED Bulbs?

Aqua Brite™ has been involved in the Swimming Pool Industry for many years and have been installing their own Products in Pools for quite a while. Aqua Brite™ supply the Professional Trade and Residential and Commercial Pools so you know that when your Pool has LED Replacement Bulbs from Aqua Brite™ you are in safe hands.

The Bulbs have been designed using a Proprietary Cooling System that Maximizes Light and Performance allowing a huge Life-Span that every Pool owner would be happy to have.

The Edison Base used on the Bulbs give you piece of mind that the LED Lamps will fit a very broad range of Bulb Housing so you can purchase in the knowledge that it will fit your Pool perfectly.

Wide Angle LEDs ensure the light from the Bulb will reach places other Swimming Pool Bulbs could only dream of.
High Output LEDs mean that that Aqua Brite™ Bulbs produce a huge concentration of light equivalent to a 400Watt Incandescent Bulb


Standard incandescent pool bulbs distort the clarity of the water leaving a foggy hue. Incandescent pool bulbs consume more energy and require frequent replacement. Why settle for inferior technology in your place of pleasure?


Aqua Brite™ 22w Pure White LED Bulbs deliver a stunning vibrant visual quality that is simply stronger, brighter and more appealing. Aqua Brite™ 22w Pure White LED Pool Light Bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs—SAVE up to $522 annually.

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Whether you have a Residential or Commercial Swimming Pool your Pool just does not look as good without LED Lighting. But for a long while now we have had to put up with Bulbs that are just not up to scratch and tend to fade and break very quickly.

Well you don’t have to worry any longer because Aqua Brite’s Color and Pure White LED In-Ground Pool Lamps are here to give your Pool that perfect finishing touch.

Are you tired of having to replace bulbs that have faded long before their expiry date? Well tire no more as Aqua Brite’s Lamps are guaranteed to function to the highest standard for 50,000 hours and when the nearest competitor can only offer a Life-Span of 2,500 hours then you know you are getting the best deal with Aqua Brite.

Changing Light Bulbs can run up the Maintenance costs every year and because our Bulbs have a Life-Span of 50,000 hours you can relax in the knowledge that you don’t have to worry about our Bulbs fading away within a few months like so many other LED Pool Bulbs on the market.

The Most Exciting part of Aqua Brite’s LED Bulb Range – Environment Friendly!
Eco-Friendly Technology has come to Swimming Pool LED Bulbs as the Lamps we Produce only run at 18 Watts whereas most other In-Ground Bulbs carry 300 – 500 Watts meaning that we have come up with the most Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Bulb ever manufactured.

They are specifically designed to help bring down Energy Consumption and lower those all important Maintenance costs which means your Swimming Pool Lighting System can run more Smoothly and you don’t have to worry about Replacement Bulbs every year.
But the most important part of being Eco-Friendly apart from helping to reduce your Environmental Footprint is that it helps you save money…

Lower your Costs with Aqua Brite™ Swimming Pool Bulbs
Whether you decide on our Pure White Bulbs that maximize light and visibility or our full Color Bulbs that give you just the atmosphere you desire then we Guarantee you will save money with us.

Pool Maintenance costs can run very high and if you have to keep replacing Swimming Pool Bulbs due to faded and complete loss of light then you will see the costs add up. By using Aqua Brite™ LED Swimming Pool Lamps and Bulbs you are making sure you have only the finest lighting in your Pool.

And remember that because our LED Bulbs run at 18 Watts you could very well be saving over $250 based on the costs for running 300-500 Watt Bulbs. Replacement Bulbs on an average Basis can run into $300+ per year so by using Our Bulbs you may very well save on your Pool Costs by over $500!
If you have not sat up and taken notice of the benefits to having Aqua Brite™ LED Lighting Bulbs in your Pool then how about some more Benefits –

Even More Benefits to using Aqua Brite™ LED Swimming Pool Bulbs

When you use a Replacement Bulb from Aqua Brite™ the difference can be seen straight away. The Pure White Bulbs give out an Ultra-Bright White Light that give added finesse to your Pool Appearance.

The Color Bulbs are Perfectly suited to all Pools due to the Compact Lamp Design and whatever your Desire we are sure to supply you the absolute highest quality Color Bulbs for the Atmosphere and Effect that you require.

We supply to the Professional Swimming Pool Trade so you can be assured whenever you see our name you are dealing with a top Quality company and because we know Swimming Pools, we know what works best for your Pool.

Our LED pool light retrofit to Large Commercial Pools or Small Residential Pools. Either way you are sure to save money with Aqua Brite™.

Why using Quality LED Bulbs in your Pool make a huge difference?

Aqua Brite™ has made some big steps with Technology Enhancements for LED Swimming Pool Bulbs and it is for this reason we are now the Number One Supplier of LED Pool Lamps and Bulbs. The Technology Involved gives our Customers Peace of mind that they are with a top Company.

We have enhanced the Bulbs using our Proprietary Cooling System, High Output and Wide Angle LEDs and a design that fits a broad spectrum of Standard Pool Light Housings. They also come equipped with a tough Silicone Lens gasket made for use with the LED Lamps.

At Aqua Brite™ we have been involved in Swimming Pool Maintenance and Technology for a long time and we want to see the best for your Swimming Pool which is why we have created these Amazing Bulbs that save you money and give you assurance that your LED Pool Lighting has been delivered by the best Company in the industry.

More Benefits

LED pool light bulb replacement: Many people have the misconception that you need to lower the water level to change the bulb of an inground pool light. Not true! The sealed housing that contains the bulb is removed from the light niche in the pool wall and then brought above water level where the bulb is changed. The entire process is simple and takes 15-30 minutes.
Led pool light bulb: Initial cost is typically $195-$250. LED pool bulbs will typically last 7-15 years in LED pool lights.
LED pool light bulbs: A full size LED pool light bulb will illuminate a large residential pool very well. Smaller LED pool light bulbs will require 2 lights on a pool 15×34 or bigger to illuminate the entire pool. Lights are usually installed at opposite ends of the inground pool to illuminate the pool as evenly as possible.
LED pool light bulbs: The components are a standard light switch and transformer (if low voltage) located at the pool equipment or more convenient location, and the light which is installed at the pool. The transformer is mounted on a post or wall along with the switch and can be as close at 10′ from the pool or as far as 50-100 feet from the pool.
LED pool light bulbs: Despite what some people may think, modern submerged pool lights are safe. Tens of thousands are installed every year without incident. Many LED pool lights are low voltage. Instead of having a 110 volt fixture, a transformer converts to 12 volts which is about the same as a car charger.

(If there were any legitimate concern for safety, first of all we would not sell the product, and second, it would never make it to market.)


LED pool light bulbs are the way to go. They are more cost effective initially and long term, there is no cumbersome illuminator box to deal with, and they illuminate the water more effectively . is your one source for LED Pool Lamps

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